Why live anywhere else?

Why live anywhere else?
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In order to succeed, I must be prepared to fail as often as necessary to achieve success. Here, I aim to publish 100 rejections from publishers in the order I receive them together with the stories that were rejected.

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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

PRESS RELEASE 005 Tropic of the Rat

Warsaw, Poland -- A science fiction story was submitted yesterday to Asimov's fiction magazine.

Written in two parts over a year ago, the 12,500 word short story depicts an uncertain narrator who must survive a world where ordinary rules of time and space do not apply.

"Every failure is one step closer to success, who knows? This could be it, certainly it's closer to it than I've ever been before," said author Bulent Akman.

Because the story in question remains under consideration at time of writing, this correspondent cannot reveal the title of the story.

"It's about time travel with a twist" said Mr. Akman during interviews.

Editor's notes:

Asimov's Science Fiction (ISSN 1065-2698) is an American science fiction magazine which publishes science fiction and fantasy and perpetuates the name of author and biochemist Isaac Asimov. It is currently published by Penny Publications 10 times a year, with double issues in April/May and October/November[1].

Bulent Akman is an English language and literature teacher residing in Warsaw, Poland since 2001.

100 Rejections is Bulent Akman's second literary blog. His first is titled B8A and comprises five years of original free genre fiction.

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