Why live anywhere else?

Why live anywhere else?
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In order to succeed, I must be prepared to fail as often as necessary to achieve success. Here, I aim to publish 100 rejections from publishers in the order I receive them together with the stories that were rejected.

To be good at one's vocation, one must simply avoid being bad.
To be great, one must purposely aim for awful.

Get up once more than you fall.
Put your ideas into action.

This is near to a way.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Last night
I met the Duke
He stole a hunnerd dollars.
The Earl, that dwarf
Passed out in his chair.
The Duke is a boor
The Earl is a scholar
Who was I when these
Men held me up to myself?
Prince? Pauper? Tinker? Tailor?
Scoundrel? I may never know.
...but I held my drink and
didn't have to thieve and was kind
to the service and paid my tab.
What else, this life lived well?

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