Why live anywhere else?

Why live anywhere else?
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Where I collect rejections from publishers and the stories they rejected

In order to succeed, I must be prepared to fail as often as necessary to achieve success. Here, I aim to publish 100 rejections from publishers in the order I receive them together with the stories that were rejected.

To be good at one's vocation, one must simply avoid being bad.
To be great, one must purposely aim for awful.

Get up once more than you fall.
Put your ideas into action.

This is near to a way.

Monday, 28 February 2011


Dear Author,

This message is to acknowledge the receipt of your fiction submission.

To help us keep our response times down, please don't submit further
stories until we accept or reject this one.  We will get back to you as
soon as possible.

Our response time currently averages about one month, but that's only an
average.  Please wait 70 days after submitting before querying.  We always
respond to submissions within 70 days; if you don't hear back from us
within 70 days, please query immediately, as it always means our response
has gone astray.  Please don't wait longer than 70 days to query.  We
really mean this; 70 days is the maximum upper limit, not an average or an

If you haven't read our submission guidelines on our site (at the URL given
below), please take a few minutes to look them over.  (Last guidelines
update: 16 June 2006.)

If you need to contact us, please send email to
fiction@strangehorizons.com, which goes to all three fiction editors.  All
correspondence about fiction should go to that address.

This is an automated response.

Thank you,

--Karen, Susan, and Jed

Karen Meisner, Susan Marie Groppi, and Jed Hartman
Fiction Editors, Strange Horizons
Submission guidelines: http://www.strangehorizons.com/guidelines/fiction.shtml

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